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Handling Military Retirement In Divorce

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One of the most complicated issues in divorce generally is the division of retirement benefits. In military divorces, this division becomes even more complex.

At the law firm of Hesser & Flynn, L.L.P., in Alexandria, Louisiana, we focus on the needs of military families throughout the area. In fact, we regularly represent clients seeking military divorce who are connected in some way to Fort Polk and Barksdale Air Force Base.

Well-Considered Legal Guidance

You can rely on our advice in these difficult situations because our firm puts your well-being at the top of the list. We do not simply dispense off-the-cuff legal answers or one-size-fits-all family law pleadings.

Instead, we personalize our work. Our lawyers will work with you directly so they get to know the unique circumstances of your situation, including combat-related special compensation (CRSC), concurrent retirement disability pay (CRDP), post-divorce pursuit of military retirement and related veterans disability pay issues that can prevent a former spouse from getting their share of retirement benefits.

That knowledge enables us to craft legal strategies responsive to your particular needs and goals. It also allows us to address circumstances that might involve changing legal principles or unusual facts.

We can provide you with a full understanding of your legal options. Whether we advise you to pursue your rights at trial or to negotiate a settlement, you will know you are depending on the judgment of lawyers who understand how military retirement issues work.

Years Of Experience

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